Discipleship Training

Started in January 2020, discipleship is cementing itself as a core ministry of Bethel. Here's what it means for us and what you can expect:


  • Grow. To make disciples of Christ, being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, learning to become the perfect image of Christ. Disciples first need to learn what it means to be like Christ by receiving the gospel.
  • Equip. Have every member of the church join and participate in at least one of the Core Ministries. Disciples are not idle members of the church that are present on Sundays. Disciples are active members of the body of Christ who participate in the full mobilization of the body of Christ by discerning, developing, and using their spiritual gifts for ministry.
  • Send. Disciples of Christ are called by Christ and sent into the world. Disciples must participate in God’s mission to the world.


  • Receive discipleship training.
  • Discern & develop spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit has discerned for us.
  • Active disciples recognized with deaconship.
  • Deacons given responsibility and commissioned to continue to create disciples within the church.
  • Deacons given responsibility and commissioned to create disciples outside the bound of the church & being active community members.